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it was already night when i got into kyrghizstan
as i didn't know where to sleep
i went in a international truck parking to put my tent
but there i met a man that proposed me to eat and sleep at his home
this is his son's neighbour and his house


mountain near osh,
the biggest kyrghiz city at the end of the fergana valley

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40 km after osh begins the valley that leads to chiyirchik pass
they are renovating the road
and more than half of it is a track, mostly not stabilised


samples of kyrghiz textile design
-actually bed covers drying along the road-


when i saw these snowed mountains
i was afraid that it was already to late to pass the mountains with my bicycle
-actually it was!-
and i worried where would i sleep the next days


chiyirchik pass (2406 m)


after the pass the road is a long slope down to gulcho's valley
there was already no sun so going down has been very cold


as i couldn't find a good place to put my tent
-even a flat one-
i just put it near the road
no problems at all, despite the noise of traffic



the valley after gulcho



i had a flat tire
and as usual it was just before sunset...
so i had to camp along the road again
marvelous panorama but it was quite cold there
the third photo shows the ice inside my tent fly in the morning


children that came to watch me near my camp site


the mountains that close the valley of gulcho
i would stop a few kilometers after taking this photo
and hitchhike a truck that would take me to sary tash and irkeshtam


the road to the taldyk pass (3619 m)
there was snow on the road on this huge slope up
so even if i did it with my bicycle i would have had to push it...
and even pushing it snow is very slippery


sary tash and the pamir mountains, more than 7.000 meters high in the background


after sleeping in a little hotel in irkeshtam
i continued to china on my bike
this is the road that crosses the no-man's land
before china's border
(a very good road, probably made by chinese)